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All About 7 Reviewed.com

7 Reviewed is all about finding the best products available in different categories. We review the best products from a broad spectre of products, based on personal interest.

These are litteraly the products that Branden would buy himself.

The idea came to him after countless bad review sites, being more focused on selling products, than actually reviewing the best products.

Our mission is therefore simple: To review the best 7 products. Only the best is good enough for us.


It’s a jungle of products out there, and if you don’t know which product to choose, you have come to the right place my Friend.

We write genuin reviews about products that we love, and buy ourselves. On our top 7 list, there is no room for shitty products, they simply won’t pass through our review process.


Researching for the best products can be a tough job, thats why we have done it easy for you to find the absolute best products in a vaiarity of categories.

This is a process we do for ourselves, and share with you for free.


Our Missoin

We strive to provide our Friends with an easy choice. When they are out searching for new stuff to spend their hard earned money on. Even if it’s a new TV, Laptop, Wireless Router or a Snowbaord.

We will sooner or later review it. If you have a product your are interested in, we also take request for reviewing products, simply contact us here and tell us about your frustrations.

The idea of “7reviewed” is to deliver quality product reviews by choosing the “top 7” format.Branden Lyndon


Join The Hype

If you want to work with us, or publish one of your own reviews, you can do that by contacting us

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