Best Nerf Guns 2017


Best Nerf Guns 2017


Ever since the first Nerf guns were created and marketed back in the ‘70s, they have remained a very popular toy for light hearted fun, shooting squishy Nerf foam darts at your opponents. Since the first model of Nerf guns came out, these toys have come a long way, and currently there are hundreds of Nerf guns for sale from which people can choose, including some that shoot Nerf balls at speeds of up to 68 miles per hour. So, which are the best Nerf guns 2017 for hours of outdoor family fun?

Below is our list of the best and most popular cheap Nerf guns and blasters for unleashing the most epic Nerf battles. As their slogan goes, “It’s Nerf or Nothin’!”

Best Nerf Guns 2017


Nerf Gun NameMagazine CapacityShooting Range 
Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon25 darts100 feet Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster25 darts90 feet Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster2x25 darts90 feet Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4 Blaster8 darts75 feet Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster10 darts75 feet Check Price
Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster 6 darts75 feet Check Price
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster25 darts75 feet Check Price


1. Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon – Longest Range

Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon review

This blaster is perfect for experiencing the energy, attitude and excitement usually associated with the Nerf brand. With its amazing power and size, Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon is a massive blaster which is the perfect toy for taking command of any battlefield.

The first ever Nerf Mega blaster to feature motorized firing, this gun is capable of rapid firing Mega Whistler darts at speeds that leave them screaming through the air with the fury of a charging beast. With its intimidating size, this Nerf blaster is going to have your opponents scattering in the battlefield.

However, the N-strike Mega Mega Mastodon is not only about intimidating your opponents with size. It features a 24 dart rotating drum which allows you to load up to two dozen Mega Whistler darts into the gun all at once, meaning you don’t have to waste time reloading your gun while your opponents creep up on you. Instead, just load up your massive Nerf machine gun, power up the motor by holding down the acceleration button and then pull the trigger to unleash the raw power of the Mega Mastodon, spraying your opponents with a fusillade of Mega Whistler darts.

What’s more, this gun can shoot the Nerf darts for a distance of up to 30 meters (100 feet), giving you the advantage of distance.
The Mega Mastodon is big and heavy, but you don’t have to worry because it has a shoulder strap that allows you to easily carry it into the battlefield and trample over your opponents.

With its rapid-fire functionality, you can fire the two dozen Mega Whistler darts in well under twenty seconds. Clearly, the Mega Mastodon is not messing around, and it proves very difficult for someone to rush you when you have this blaster. With this function you can let out a burst of very effective suppressive fire. Apart from the amazing range, this gun also has excellent accuracy, which means it can also be used as a single shot rifle.

The 24 dart drum rotates freely, making reloading easy and quick. Though it’s very unlikely for this gun to jam, it has a compartment that allows you access to remove stuck darts. The jamming might occur when a dart gets stuck between the barrel and the revolving drum. To avoid jamming, ensure that the darts are well inserted. All in all, the N-strike Mega Mega Mastodon is an amazing gun that is worth every penny.

Most reviewers agree this is the best nerf gun 2017


Easy to assemble Big and heavy for small kids
Cool soundeffects Using allot of batteries
Long range Using anoter type of nerf-ammo


2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster – 5 Darts Per Second!


Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster review


Blast you way to victory by taking advantage of the speed of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster. Also fully motorized, it fires up to 5 darts per second when using fresh batteries, making it the fastest firing Nerf gun ever.

This allow you to bring down your opponents as you rain down a barrage of darts onto your target. You only need to load up, hold down the acceleration button then pull the trigger to start your assault.

This gun comes with a 25 dart drum, allowing you enough firepower to keep your assault going. Apart from the speed, this blaster also has range on its side, capable of firing Elite darts up to a distance of 27 meters (90 feet). With the advantages of speed and rage on your side, this is definitely a weapon you need in your Nerf arsenal.

While its weight is slightly noticeable, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster is relatively lightweight in comparison to other blasters. You can easily carry and run around with this gun over a long period of time, especially if you keep its stock supported against your shoulder. The Hype fire can use any standard-sized Nerf magazines or drum-fed blasters.

This blaster should be comfortable for kids to hold and carry around since the thumb hole handle grip is quite small. However, a larger-handed adult might find it a bit awkward and uncomfortable. The acceleration trigger on the Hyper Fire is located fairly close to the trigger that pops the magazine. This might be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you usually manage your blaster. If not well versed with it, you might accidentally release you magazine.

All in all, it is a good Nerf gun based on its compact size and the rotating drum magazine. It feels good in the hands and once you install the batteries (it used 4D batteries), it feels pretty well balanced. It’s recommendable to get rechargeable batteries for your Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster, since the speed and range of this blaster drops noticeably over time as the battery voltage decreases.

The new design of the Hyper-Fire is cool, giving the gun a look that’s similar to that or fantasy video game weapons as well as real life firearms. It’s also capable of taking some rough handling, working just fine even after being thrown around a bit.

High firerate Reload time
Good quality Some design flaws

3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster – 2×25 Darts Magazine!


Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster review


What better blaster to dominate a Nerf battlefield than the double-barreled Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster? This monster blaster allows you to release a fusillade of Elite darts, firing at targets up to a distance of 27 meters. The Rhino-Fire is a motorized blaster, giving you control over the gun’s rate of fire.

Being double barreled, it has two dart drums as well, each capable of holding up to 25 darts. When you buy the Rhino-Fire, you get 50 Elite darts. When shooting from a secure location, you can make use of the tripod stand to steady your shots and detach it when you need to move.

With this monster Nerf machine gun, you will become your competition’s worst nightmare, the ultimate soldier commanding all the respect in the Nerf battlefields. With its two dart drums, the Rhino-Fire has among the largest capacities amongst most Nerf guns available.

With its ultimate and realistic styling, this blaster resembles a ground-to-air anti-aircraft machine gun, giving you the look and feel of the ultimate trooper. Though it is meant to be mounted on a tripod, this fully automatic gun is rather light-weight and easy to carry around. This large funky cannon gives you the firepower needed to mow down anyone who attempts to stand in your way.

One of the most impressive features of the Rhino-Fire lies in its oscillating barrels, which allow the shooter to move around the gun around searching for targets in similar fashion to a deck mounted gun. The gun also has a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle, giving it the feel of a modern weapon. Without using the tripod, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster requires two handed use when fully loaded.

The tripod has an anti-slippery plastic, making the Rhino-Fire a lot more stable. The tripod is designed to allow for 360 degrees of rotation and a considerable amount of top to bottom movement, enabling you to train your sights on your targets, wherever they are. The Rhino-Fire has a rate of fire of about 2.8 rounds per second, maxing out the 50 darts in about 18 seconds, which is not really bad. The intimidation factor provided by its sheer size is incomparable to that of any other Nerf gun on the market. It is eye catching and more menacing than anything your opponents might flaunt. Leaving you the undisputed king of the Nerf battlefields.

Big ammo clip Jams if the dart is defect
Battery friendly Inaccurate aim


4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4 Blaster – Pump Action Shotgun


Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4 Blaster review


This is another double-barreled blaster with which you can dominate battlefields. The Rough Cut 2X4 allows you to blast your way through enemy lines by taking advantage of the ability to fire 2 Elite darts simultaneously, with a range of up to 75 feet. It also features pump-action design, which allows you to pump when you want to let loose a steady double stream of Nerf darts. Capable of holding up to 8 Elite darts, the Rough Cut has a relatively low capacity compared to the previous Nerf guns, but don’t let that fool you.

If you want to improve your battlefront capabilities, the Rough Cut features a tactical rail, allowing you to beef it up with any of the Tactical Rail accessories.
This Nerf blaster is all about going through your mission with two times the firepower. However, I would advise you to be careful with the slam-fire and use it only in situations that call for that massive firepower, since using this feature means you will have to reload your gun after four shots.

One of the first things you notice immediately after unpacking the Rough Cut 2X4 is its light weight and its ergonomically designed handle. It ranks among the most comfortable blasters to operate. It comes with a staged trigger, which means you can fire either 2 darts simultaneously or one dart at a time, depending on your preferences.

The Rough Cut has 8 barrels, with intelligent air restrictors that channel air from the plunger, directing it to the next barrel in the in firing sequence. The plastic from which the Rough Cut is made feels strong and of high quality, with a handle that feels comfortable for a mature aged Nerf fan. Going by its form factor, the Rough Cut is a perfect replacement for the older version N-Strike barrel Break IX-2.

Loading up the Rough Cut is quite a breeze. Instead of clips, you simply need to slide the darts into the dart holes. The darts are a tight fit for the barrel, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the darts falling out of the barrel. While this blaster is meant to be used with Elite darts, it can as well work with other darts like the suckers, whistler and tag darts. With the special value pack, you get twice the number of darts than the original pack. The Rough Cut offers good value for its price.
Double darts Problem with defect darts
No batteries

5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster – Video Game Looks


Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster review


The Elite Stockade blaster is an upgrade to the wildly popular N-Strike Barricade. However, unlike the Barricade, the Stockade comes with a stock. Apart from the Stock, the Stockade and the Barricade are visually similar, though the Stockade comes with upgraded internals.

Just like the Blockade, the Stockade fires from an internal battery powered flywheel, which allows you to fire the semi-automatic blaster as rapidly as you can squeeze the trigger. A flywheel powered blaster basically means that the gun has a set of two wheels slightly apart that spin very fast. When the gun is fired, a dart is pushed forward so that it gets caught between the two spinning wheels, consequently getting thrown forward.

However, instead of the modern day flywheel switches, the Stockade employs a traditional to control the flywheels, which also acts as a safety feature, blocking movement of the trigger when the switch is in the off position.

Just like the Barricade before it, the Stockade features a manual load barrel capable of holding up to 10 darts, an overly large muzzle that gives this blaster the cool look of something straight out of a video game, a jam door mounted at the top and a thumb controlled flywheel switch. Unlike the Barricade, the Stockade comes with a removable shoulder stock.

This stock looks great and has a brilliant dart holder that allows you to carry an extra set of darts without damaging them. For those who are left handed, no need to worry, since the stock on the Stockade comes with an ambidextrous release switch. The only shortcoming of the stock is that it is not very suitable for a big person. While both are flywheelers, the Stockade features a new set of flywheels, designed like those found on the Rayven, with a larger circumference and a smooth surface, which accounts for better performance of the Stockade. The stockade also uses a similar motor to that found on the Rayven.

Apart from the larger circumference and smooth surfaces, the rapid speed at which the Stockade fires darts can also be attributed to better ball bearings and higher revs. This, coupled with better design on the new Elite darts makes the Stockade unmistakably superior to the Barricade. The Stockade is also less noisy as compared to the Barricade, and offers a range of about 10 meters.
Rapid fire Trigger is a little touchy
Attachable stock Smaler then it looks
Easy to reload

6. Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster – Easy to Use


 Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster review


This lightweight blaster was designed based on the on the Divergent Series, a feature film series set in a dystopian society that follows the story of Tris, a brave little girl in a post-apocalyptic world.

Just like Tris, kids can delve into a world of their own adventures with the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Six Shot Blaster.

This cool blaster comes with a barrel capable of holding six foam darts and can fire the darts up to a distance of about 22 meters (75 feet). Designed particularly for girls, the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Six Shot Blaster is the ultimate representation of beauty, strength and power.
If you feel like that describes you or your kid, then this is the gun for you. Load up for action, team up with your friends and – with power and style on your side – and make every shot your best as you come out guns blazing to show the world what you are about.

While this blaster might seem unfamiliar to some, it is essentially a repainted Nerf Rebelle Spylight, minus the strange looking flashlight that is mounted on top of the Spylight. This means that their features are quite similar. The repaint is most definitely an improvement from the Spylight’s décor.

Since it is designed specifically for young girls, the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Six Shot Blaster has a small handle, though it feels comfortable even in the hands of a bigger person. Loading this blaster is quick and easy, since the darts are loaded from the open end front. At the back of the priming slide, the blaster has a single sling mount, while the handle contains a secret storage compartment capable of hiding two extra Elite darts. The revolver-like blaster also comes with one strap point and a tactical rail for adding tactical rail accessories.

The Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster is a gun meant for the dauntless trooper. Just like its elder sibling (The Skylight), you can use this blaster in single fire mode or pull back the priming slide to blast your opponents with a rapid fire of all the six darts in slam-fire mode. When using this gun, I would caution against aiming for the face or eyes to avoid any risk of injury. It is also advisable to only use the darts meant for the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Six Shot Blaster, and to avoid modifying the darts or the blaster in any way.
Cool stickers included Using allot of batteries
Removable stock

7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster – 3 Darts Per Second


Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster review


If you want to take your N-Strike battling capabilities a notch higher, then the Elite Rampage is definitely the weapon for you. Designed to be firmer, more robust and with an improved range of fire, this blaster is a modern day Nerf Raider. It has been redesigned to be leaner and meaner.



This spring-powered direct plunger Nerf gun comes with a drum capable of holding twenty five foam darts, and includes slam fire, allowing you to rain down a barrage of darts on your opponents from distances of up to 75 feet away, with a rate of fire reaching up to 3 darts per second, which is really impressive.
The redone color scheme on the Rampage also gives it a much more modern look and feel.

Using the Rampage feels quite easy. To reload, you simply have to pull back the priming handle and release the dart drum. Reload the drum with your darts, replace it back, push the priming handle forward and you are ready to rumble!

If you want to go out on a full rampage against your opponents, you simply need to repeatedly slide the slam-fire handle while squeezing the trigger to let out a spray of foam darts. However, you should ensure that you pull the slam fire handle all the way, since doing it halfway might lead to jamming or ruined darts. Its handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and excellent grip even in the toughest of conditions, and what’s more, it also has a secret compartment for hiding foam darts, so you will never have to worry about getting caught pants down without ammunition. This is one of the latest editions from Hasbro.

There are some amazing features that make the Rampage even cooler. One of these is its dart clip. Rather than traditional dart clips that are mounted from below, the Rampage dart clip is mounted from the side, which looks cool and convenient, particularly for the gun’s slim body design. The slim body design makes handling the Rampage so easy. The Rampage also comes with a tactical rail and a jam door that’s accessible from the right side. It also has a transparent which allows you to see the darts, giving it a somewhat futuristic look.

Overall, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster is a wildly popular and cheap Nerf gun, and an excellent upgrade to the Nerf Raider. For most Nerfers, what matters most is range and accuracy, both of which the Rampage delivers pretty incredibly. The decision to go with a smaller dart clip also makes is also a great win as it makes the gun a lot less cumbersome to use.

It’s Nerf or Nothin’


Just like their slogan reminds you, Nerf is clearly the go-to brand when you are looking for some serious action filled fun. While there a hundreds of Nerf guns for sale in the market, the above range of Nerf guns provide you with the perfect weapons for entering and dominating the adventurous world of Nerf battles. The guns are perfect for both kids and adults, so grab yours and unleash your hidden commando skills as you wage war on your opponents. This concludes our buyers guide of the best nerf guns 2017.




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Best Gaming Chairs 2017


Best Gaming Chairs 2017


When planning the setup for their gaming rigs, most gamers seldom give consideration for their gaming chair. However, since most of us gamers spend considerable time in front of our monitors, it makes sense to invest in a good pc gaming chair. Not only does a good gaming chair provide comfort and improve the overall gaming experience, it also prevents you from causing injury to your spine. But what should you look for when choosing your pc gaming chair?

The first factor is ergonomics. Your gaming chair should offer lumbar support and allow you to make adjustments – height control, armrest height control, tension control, backrest lock and seat pan slider. The other factors to look out for include the material and styling.

It’s impossible to discuss gaming chairs without touching on cost. Below, we take a detailed look at the most popular cheap gaming chairs in the market.


Best Gaming Chairs 2017

Gaming Chair NameMaterialWeight Capacity  
DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC Breathable Leather Style Vinyl <250 lbs Check Price
OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Soft Synthetic Leather<350 lbs Check Price
Merax Gaming Chair High Back2x25 darts<250 lbs Check Price
DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge EditionBreathable PU Leather<200 lbs Check Price
Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Soft Faux Leather<396 lbs Check Price
DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR New edge Edition Breathable PU Leather<200 lbs Check Price
New Gaming Chair High-back PU Leather<250 lbs Check Price



1. DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC – The Best Money Can Buy

DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC review

DXRacer chairs are designed to provide you with the highest levels of luxury and comfort during your gaming experience. But what exactly goes into the manufacture of the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC chair? This chair features more efficient ergonomic design to ensure that all the necessary parts get the requisite support. It comes with a wider seat made of Leather Style Vinyl; the same breathable material that is found in race cars, which allows the chair to match your body temperature.

This means that you do not have to worry about getting sweaty and uncomfortable during long gaming sessions.

A good pc gaming chair needs to offer support to four key areas of the body: The neck, shoulders, wrists and the lower back. This is why, unlike most gaming chairs you will find on the market, the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC chair comes with an extra high backrest, offering complete support for your entire spinal column, starting from the neck down to the pelvis, complete with a lumbar cushion as a free bonus. The backrest can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing you to find a position that feels comfortable to you.

It also comes with 3d straight armrests that offer protection for your wrists and shoulders.
The chair has a metallic five-point base, which makes the chair extra stable. It also has a gas spring, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of the seat according to your height and your computer desk.

This chair features a hydraulic unit that is imported from Germany, having passed stringent SGS tests. The chair and its accessories have been put through and passed 72 quality and security tests. To ensure ultimate comfort, this PC gaming chair utilizes a full-size frame. The chair features an extra wide base made of Aluminum, with three inch casters. It also has an ergonomic headrest that is integrated into the backrest, a multifunction mechanism and allows you to adjust the seat flexibility. And to crown it all, the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC chair comes with a full lifetime warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the accessories. Thats one of the reasons that DXRacer is agreed to be amongst the best gaming chairs.

Every single chair manufactured goes through rigorous testing to ensure that the strict quality standards have been met. Although the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC chair was originally designed for comfort during the gaming experience, once you purchase it, you’ll find that it soon becomes the go to seat for working and relaxing. This chair can handle a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.


Heavy and steady Plastic covers

2. OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair – The Chair For Masters

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair review

As with many other gaming chairs, the OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair has been designed to offer maximum performance and unmatched comfort levels, all this coupled with amazing styling. It is a high back chair designed to allow for high levels of customization, which means that with this chair you can make several adjustments to ensure it meets the needs of your body and position.


These high levels of customization make the OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair perfect for people of different sizes and body shapes.
It features an ergonomic design and comes with a detachable headrest – you can easily add or get rid of the neck support according to your requirements at a particular time – and a lumbar support pillow that can be adjusted for the user’s extended comfort. You can place the lumbar support pillow slightly below your waist or sit with your back flush against the backrest when the seat is at a higher incline level.

This chair is very strong and stable, since it is built on a sturdy metallic frame. The metallic frame is then covered with high quality synthetic leather, which is meant to be tough and long lasting yet soft to the touch.
This durable material will stay with you to the end of your gaming world and beyond. The seat of the OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair has a foam padding that feels very comfortable to seat on, allowing you to own and dominate your competition without having to worry about any discomfort. The arm rests are heavily padded to provide the right amount of support to your forearms and wrists. They are customizable as well, allowing you to adjust them according to your height preferences. The generously padded backrest with comes with a tilt mechanism that allows for a 135 degree angle of adjustment. You can set the backrest at 90 degrees as you tear through the gaming world, and once you feel like taking a rest, you can recline it all the way to 135 degrees for a comfortable nap. The high back of the OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair provides support for your shoulder blades when in this reclined position. A support pillow is however recommended.

To avoid soreness in the neck muscles, this chair positions your head in such a way that allows you to look at the upper one-third of your PC monitor at an angle of around 110 degrees. This chair also comes with pneumatic seat height adjustments featuring a high quality Class IV gas lift, a solid metal frame that will endure years of use and nylon dual wheel casters, which are safe for use on both soft and hard floor surfaces. This seat is meant to feel like a throne, and it indeed does feel like one.

Good comfort Weak arm rests
Can tilt all the way back

3. Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair – Great Value For Money

Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair review

The Merax Gaming Chair is a multi-functional chair that has been designed to be perfect for study, work and play. It has a high back that is designed to offer support for your head, neck and shoulders. The chair is built to perfection and designed to fit the body’s natural shape and give an elegant executive look while at it, with a unique and amazing racing styling. The chair has a recliner back with a conventional tilt mechanism that allows for up to 180 degrees of tilt. This gives you the option to lean back and relax whenever you feel like taking a break from your work, studies or gaming. Like the OPSEAT Master Series, it features a removable headrest, allowing you to customize your sitting experience to suit your needs. It also comes with plastic armrests and a soft lumbar that is built around the traditional body-hugging back design, giving you plenty of comfort and the personalized fit you require during your gaming experience. The chair features curved armrests that have a soft pad insert. The armrests are height adjustable, giving you control over the position of your wrists and forearms in relation to the keyboard.

The Merax Gaming Chair is upholstered with high quality PU leather as well as soft and generous padding for unparalleled comfort. It also allows for 360 degrees of swivel. It has a large knob for adjusting the back tilt angle and features an upright lock function. The seat height adjustment is pneumatic, with a heavy duty and high quality gas lift. It has a heavy duty metallic base for increased stability with strong casters that are capable of holding persons weighing up to 250 lbs.

The Merax Gaming Chair`also features a sooth rocker mechanism and is easy to clean, made of fade resistant, high quality UP leather. The chair has two wheel casters, allowing for easy movement across a wide range of floor surfaces. The package comes with instructions that allow you to easily and quickly assemble the chair. The blue and black styling makes the chair look elegant. Designed to offer a complementing mix of high-level performance, elegant styling and luxurious comfort, the Merax Gaming Chair is the perfect seat for your office, home, campus dorm room or gaming room. Going for under $200, this chair is most definitely a good bargain.

Easy to assemble Small arm rests
Very stable

4. DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat – Amazing Design

DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat review

Like all DXRacer chairs, the Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat is designed and built in accordance with the high quality standards that have made DXRacer synonymous with luxury and comfort. And like most other DXRacer chairs, you will soon find out that this chair will soon go beyond your gaming room. Whatever activity you use the Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat for, it will give you a deservingly superior experience. But what makes this chair so cool?

First and foremost, DXRacer does not skimp on the ergonomics of this chair. Its ergonomic design can only be summed up with two words; comfort and efficiency.
Modelled to the look and feel of a race car seat, it is made of the same material you will find in a race car; high quality breathable PU leather. DXRacer knows the importance of providing your lumbar column with full support, therefore they equipped the Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat with an extra high backrest. As a bonus, the seat comes with free headrest and lumbar cushions. The deeper seat and extra foam padding equipped into this racing chair mean that your comfort will not be comprised even in sessions spanning several hours of extended use. Just settle in and concentrate on destroying your opponents.

The adjustable armrests come with wide enough pads to offer maximum support and comfort for your forearms and wrists. This protects you from developing kyphosis and slanting shoulders, conditions which arise due to fatigue of the shoulders and wrists following improper seating position in extended periods of using a mouse. This Drifting Series chair also features a backrest angle adjustor that allows the backrest to be tilted up to an angle of 135 degrees, enabling you to find a comfortable position for relaxing or taking a power nap. This means that you do not have to shuffle between your seat and the couch for a nap during long nighttime gaming sessions with your friends. You can simply recline your Drifting Series pc gaming chair and catch a few winks.

The DXRacer is available in several styles and shapes. Check out this buyers guide to find the one that suits your needs best.

This chair has an adjustable seat height controlled by a gas spring. The five point star shaped base of the Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat, which is made of iron, provides complete stability and safety even when moving the chair around. It is an impressive mix of styling and strength. Like all DXRacer chairs, this Drifting Series PC gaming chair comes with a full lifetime warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the accessories.

Large range of adjustability Bad for wider people
Included lumbar pillow and neck pillow

5. Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair – Black/Red – Best Underdog

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair - Black/Red review

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair looks impressive and is definitely a chair you would love to have in front of your gaming rig. Its appealing racing style and high end feel leaves no doubt as to your impeccable taste and strong dedication to gaming. Resembling the interior of a sports car, the appearance of the AK-5025 redefines the form of a gaming chair. The AK-5015 is a gaming chair that is specifically designed for the office workers or ardent gamers who find themselves in front of their PC monitor for hours on end. It has a high backrest that provides great alignment and support for your neck and spine and has a shape that is designed for relaxation, bringing pleasure and efficiency to your work or gaming sessions.

When describing the AK 5015 Nitro, one word keeps coming up a number of times – adjustable. One of the greatest features of a good PC gaming chair is the ability to customize the chair to suit your needs.
This chair allows you to adjust the height of the seat relative to your desk, it allows you to adjust the armrests as well as the angle of the back, which can get to full recliner position at 180 degrees. Yes, you can bring it all the way down and have some sleep, all this without fear of toppling over. This high level of customization means that everyone, regardless of their body shape and size, can find a comfortable position during long hours of working or gaming.

Another important aspect that keeps coming up when talking about the Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair is its strength and durability. This chair has been described as “extremely safe and strong”. This is due to its rugged metallic frame and wholesome construction, which allows it to withstand a load capacity of up to 396 lbs. Clearly, this shows that anyone can comfortably use this chair. To enhance on comfort, the AK-5015 uses high density cold cure foam padding, coupled with soft but high quality PU leather. The chair also features a rocking or tilting function, a Class IV gas lift, soft touch armrests and completes the look with embroidered AKRacing logos.

It is evident that with this chair, the designers took their time to work out the proper ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort. All in all, this is a chair that guarantees the user a lifetime of pleasant, relaxing and trouble free use.

Easy assemble Firm lower back padding
Perfect for gaming posture

6. DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat – Another Amazing Chair From DXRacer

DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat review

Ah, another DXRacer Drifting series on the list. This shows you how superior and popular DXRacer Racing seats are, and especially the Drifting series. There’s a thing about DXRacer seats that makes you just want to have one. Actually – I should have said this earlier while reviewing the first DXRacer gaming chair up there – I’m sitting on a DXRacer right now as I write this review. Well, as you have probably come to expect with DXRacer, you know that you will be getting the highest levels of luxury and comfort with the Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR. Their designers are masters when it comes to research into ergonomics, and all this research has found its way into the Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR, culminating in a superb gaming experience for those using this awesome PC gaming chair.

Like the DOH/CE120/NC chair, this chair is made of the same high quality breathable PU leather style vinyl that you will find in a modern race car. In fact, if you were to get rid of the arm rests and the base, this chair could comfortably work in a race car.
Notice that? Imagine enjoying the same comfort in your game room that is provided in the highly demanding sports car racing environment. In addition, it comes with 3D adjustable armrests that have special soft padding to protect your shoulders, forearms and wrists. As with most DXRacer chairs, it has an extra high backrest to make sure that your neck and the whole of your spinal column is fully protected, meaning you don’t have to constantly worry about neck and back pains.

The DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DM61/NWR New edge Edition Racing Bucket Seat offers amazing customization. A backrest angle adjustor allows you to shift between completely upright to tilting to an angle of 135 degrees when you want to relax or take a nap. To control the seat height of your gaming chair, this seat comes with a pneumatic seat height adjustment featuring a high quality adjustable height gas spring. The seat also comes with a headrest that is integrated into the backrest. A conventional tilt mechanism that is integrated into the chair allows the user to enjoy rocking functionality. Like all DXRacer PC gaming chairs, it has a five point star shaped base for maximum stability and comes with a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow as bonuses. Do I really need to talk about the warranty? Classical DXRacer, meaning you have nothing to worry about when you buy this chair.

The most comfortable Takes time to setup

7. New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair – The Cheapest Best Gaming Chair 2017

New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair review

This brand new high back gaming chair gets its allure from its unique and amazing feel and appearance. But it’s not all about the looks. The chair offers superb performance as well. The chair has been built in a bucket seat design that enables it to mold around your back to provide extra support and comfort, making it ideal for long sessions in front of your monitor. Like most of the chairs in this list, it features a high backrest to provide your spinal column with full support.

This chair was built with relaxation in mind. Whether you are handling high pressure work at the office or you are in a session of high intensity gaming, this chair is designed to keep your body relaxed so that you can focus your mind wholly on the task in front of you.
And if you feel like you need to lean back and relax for a moment, the 90 to 180 degree tilt angle allows you to fully recline it so that if feels like you are lying down on a bed. The 360 degree swivel means that you do not have to strain your neck when talking to someone behind you or leave your chair when you need to grab something that is behind you. You can simply swivel on the seat and do whatever it is that you want to do.

The chair is built with a tubular steel frame, making it light yet sturdy. The star shaped metallic base and comfortable and adjustable armrests make this chair surprisingly stable. The steel frame of the chair is made of PU leather, stuffed with soft padding for ultimate comfort. It features an integrated headrest to offer support to your head and comes standard with a free headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. An adjustable height gas spring gives you complete control over the seat height. The conventional tilt mechanism offers rocking functionality. This chair also features universal casters for ease of movement. Costing slightly above $100, this is a cheap gaming chair that offers amazingly excellent performance.

Easy setup Weak leg rest

Choosing the best gaming chair for you


If you are looking to buy or upgrade your PC gaming chair, the above review provides a rather detailed look into the best and the most popular gaming chairs in the market. Before buying any gaming chair, ensure that it is comfortable and offers the right sitting posture for your body, it is made of a comfortable material that will match your body temperature and lastly, do not forget the visual appeal department. However, your choice will also be determined by your budget and the amount of time you spend working or gaming. If you are just a casual gamer, you can compromise a little to save on cost. However, if you are a hardcore gamer who spends most of their time in front of their computer, consider spending a little more to get a high quality gaming chair.


Best gaming chairs buyer’s guide

While the guide above gives you a list of 2017’s best pc gaming chairs, making the right choice from the list can still be a challenge. Do you go for looks? What about your budget? To help you make the perfect choice, I below is a list of factors to consider when buying the ultimate gaming chair for you.


Seat dimensions

The dimensions of video game chair include the seat height, depth and width. Ergonomically designed seats have proportionate dimensions. A good gaming chair will have a seat height that allows it accommodate people of different heights. It also determines how comfortable you feel when seated. The seat should not be too deep or too shallow, while the width should accommodate your body and allow space for free movement.


The type of chair you want

There are different types of gaming chairs for adults depending on the kind of game you want to play as well as the seating configuration you want. This is important since a bad type of chair will lead to back pains and other complications. If you need to sit close to the monitor, the L shaped gaming rocker would be perfect, while racer chairs are good if you have a passion for racing games.



Gaming computer chairs come in different types of materials. Leather gaming pc chairs are the most popular, since leather is light and can be easily cleaned. Leather upholstery looks beautiful, is comfortable and is a good absorber of heat.

Another popular material is mesh, which is cheaper than leather and quite easy to maintain. Mesh is also highly breathable, but can irritate the skin.

Fabric is another popular gaming office chair material. Fabric is also highly breathable and soft, making it ideal for long gaming sessions.


Compatibility with devices

Before buying gaming chairs for pc, it is important to check whether it will be compatible with your devices. Check whether the pc gaming chair you want to buy is compatible with PC, Mac, your specific gaming console, home theatres as well as speakers and vibrations motors.



Your comfort on a gaming chair is also determined by the level of your shoulders. High armrests will strain your shoulders and affect your back muscles, while low armrests will cause slouching. Widely placed armrests can lead to development of cubital tunnel syndrome.  The best pc gaming chairs are those with armrests that are adjustable in four directions.



The ultimate determiner of the gaming chair you will go for s your budget. The cost of gaming pc chairs depends on the available features, with seats with more features being more expensive. Upholstery also has an impact on cost, with leather gaming chairs being more expensive than mesh and fabric chairs.


Final words

Gaming chairs are designed to keep gamers in the right postures and avoid injuries and complications. By investing in a superior pc gaming chair, you can enjoy your gaming sessions without gambling with your health. Get the perfect gaming chair for yourself and conquer the gaming world in comfort.


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