Privacy Policy

Privacy is important here at 7 reviewed so we created this page to inform you about how the site maintain your privacy.


What info do we collect?

The only info we collect is from out commentors. The only reason we collect this is if we  email you about the comment if we need to. This is not normal but we do what we can to reach our readers. We will not use your email to send you newsletters or any other unreleated.


Cookies is a known technology thats being used all over the web. I’t logs date, time of visit and how long time you spent on the page, etc.
A cookie is a small text-document that includes an anonymous identifier. When you visit a website this document will be downloaded on your computer and make the website load faster and remember certain information from your last visit. A cookie can cannot retrieve any other data from your computer or pass on computer viruses.


Under no circumstances can any of the content on this site be copied or used. If any person or company do use any of the content on this site legal action may occur.

IP Adresses

IP Adresses are used by your computer everytime you access the site. Your IP address is a number that is your personal identifier on the web. IP Adresses is automaticly stored by our web server as a part of the demographic data.

Note about children

Children are not allowed to use this website without supervision of a parent or guardian. If you are a minor, you can only use this site under inspection of a parent or guardian.

Policy modifications

We may edit this policy from time to time. We will post any change here included with time of the edit so be sure to check it periodicly.


Last Edited January 30, 2017